Welcome to the Quantum Photonics Lab at Heriot-Watt University

We work at the interface of quantum optics, condensed-matter physics, electrical engineering and materials science to create novel quantum devices, with the dual goals to investigate fascinating fundamental physics and to develop applications to secure quantum networking and nanoscale quantum sensing. Read more.

Latest News

  • Congratulations Professor Cristian! (22/11/2022)- Huge congratulations to Dr Cristian Bonato on his well deserved promotion to Professor - great work Prof Cristian!!
  • Post-doc position. (18/11/2022)- An 18-month Theoretical Post-Doctoral Research Associate position is available, under the supervision of Cristian Bonato on the application of Bayesian inference and machine learning to nanoscale quantum sensing and magnetic resonance. Please get in touch asap if interested!