We also have a newly refurbished clean-room which is fully equipped with modern nano-fabrication and characterization equipment. The EPSRC Two-Dimensional Photonics Fabrication facility is also located there. Please contact Prof. Gerardot for access to the facility (there is a generous pump-priming scheme!).

  • Scanning Electron Microscopes / Electron-beam lithography / Focused Ion Beam lithography;
  • Optical lithography facility including a Direct Laser Writer and Mask aligners;
  • Semi-automatic flip-chip bonder; Plasma etcher (ICP/RIE); Electron beam evaporator; Thermal evaporator;
  • Atomic Force Microscope; ZYGO interferometer, a Dektak profilometer, several optical micorsocpes;
  • A homemade setup for 2D materials fabrication (all-dry) in an inert environment and an imaging ellipsometer enabling characterization of 2D materials and thin films.