MLQ2021 ( is a free online conference held between 1-5 March 2021, with the goal to create a bridge between quantum physicists, electrical engineers, computer scientists interested in applying Bayesian inference, machine learning and advanced signal processing to improve quantum technologies.

The conference hosted 34 speakers (tutorials, invited and contributed talks) and 20 video-posters, attracting >850 registered attendees from all over the world, with different backgrounds and levels of expertise. Most talks have been recorded and are available in the conference’s YouTube channel.

MLQ2021’s format was quite innovative, with three specific (but relatively broad questions) to be addressed. The conference was sponsored by Quantum Machines and Nvidia, who also gave talks on how the hardware they build can facilitate research in this field.

The conference has been organised by Cristian Bonato, together with Raffaele Santagati (Boehringer Ingellheim), Natalia Ares (Oxford), Srinivasan Arunachalam (IBM Research), Fedor Jelezko (Ulm) and Nathan Wiebe (Toronto), with the support of a large team of post-docs and PhD students. Here’s a screenshot of some the people involved in the organisation:

Screenshot of some of the researchers involved in the organisation