We always looking forward to receive open applications by outstanding candidates, please send your inquiries to the PI whose work you are interested in.

We currently have the following positions open for applications:

(1) An 18-month Theoretical Post-Doctoral Research Associate position is available, under the supervision of Cristian Bonato on the application of Bayesian inference and machine learning to nanoscale quantum sensing and magnetic resonance.
The work will be carried out in collaboration with Erik Gauger (quantum theory, and Yoann Altmann (statistical learning). The candidate is expected to design and benchmark algorithms to improve the performance of spin-based quantum sensors, which will be then implemented in our state-of-the-art adaptive quantum sensing facilities.
We are looking for somebody with a background in either physics (quantum technology) or computer-science/electrical-engineering (signal processing, machine learning), willing to interact with experimenalists.

Please contact Cristian Bonato asap. The application link can be found here:

(2) A 2-year Experimental Post-Doctoral Research Associate position is available, under the supervision of Brian Gerardot.
Significant goals include developing applications in quantum optics and quantum communication protocols using indistinguishable single photon sources at telecom wavelengths, investigating dephasing mechanisms and engineering extended coherence for spin-photon interfaces and generating entanglement between similar or disparate quantum systems.  The work will benefit from close interactions with Alessandro Fedrizzi’s quantum optics group ( and Erik Gauger’s quantum technology theory group (
Please contact Brian Gerardot for more information or apply here.

Additionally, we are always happy to support suitable candidates for fellowships: