We always looking forward to receive open applications by outstanding candidates, please send your inquiries to the PI whose work you are interested in.

We currently have the following positions open for applications:

(1) Bio-inspired pick-and-place assembly of single sheets of atoms into moiré materials.
This project aims to pioneer the pick-and-place assembly of single sheets of atoms into new materials and devices. Specifically, we will assemble different sheets of atoms together with a relative twist to create so-called moiré lattices, which are revolutionizing condensed-matter physics.

The profile: Candidates should have recently obtained, or are about to, a Ph.D. in a mechanics- or 2D materials-related topics (e.g., Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, or Physics) with expertise in experimental research. Our research group has substantial expertise in quantum optics, optical spectroscopy, 2D materials, and condensed-matter physics; we do NOT expect this post-doc position to have background in these topics. Rather, we are looking for the applicant to provide unique perspectives and expertise in mechanics, adhesion science, and atomic force microscopy. Experience in bio-inspired pick-and-place techniques is desirable but not necessary. The successful candidate will join a vibrant, collaborative, international, and diverse research team, renowned for its curiosity-driven and interdisciplinary expertise. The candidate will join a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant project working to develop autonomous assembly of moiré materials with homogeneity at the quantum level.

Duration: The initial appointment will be negotiable (1 or 2 years to start), with the possibility of extensions based on mutual agreement, up to a maximum of four years. Significant support for career advancement will be provided, in particular in helping the applicant develop an independent line of research via fellowships and other external funding opportunities.

Contact: Brian Gerardot (

(2) Exploring collective light-matter interactions in the solid-state
Super- and sub-radiance are quintessential quantum effects of relevance across natural photosynthesis and quantum technologies. In this project we will create the first fully coherent, scalable, and controllable artificial platform for exploring, analysing and tailoring such effects in the condensed matter. In this project, the post-doc will develop a novel experimental platform based on nanophotonic structures and perform spectroscopy and quantum optics of the collectively coupled indistinguishable quantum emitters. The post-doc will work closely with 2 PhD students in Quantum Photonics Lab, and join a larger collaboration with Prof. Erik Gauger’s theory group on the project. We have state-of-the-art labs and novel III-V based quantum photonic chips for the project. The candidate will also have opportunities to expand their research directions into quantum communications with single photons and spectroscopy of two-dimensional material heterostructure devices.

Contact: Brian Gerardot (

(3) Strongly correlated states in designer two-dimensional moiré heterostructures

Two-dimensional semiconductors offer unprecedented opportunities to engineer and tune the interactions between particles at the quantum level to give rise to emergent phases and states of matter. This project aims to design, fabricate, and characterize (via optical spectroscopy and quantum magnetometry) highly tunable moiré heterostructures which act as a quantum simulator of the Hubbard model.

Contact: Mauro Brotons-Gisbert (; Brian Gerardot (

Additionally, we are always happy to support suitable candidates for fellowships: