We always looking forward to receive open applications by outstanding candidates, please send your inquiries to the PI whose work you are interested in.

We currently have the following positions open for applications:

(1) A 3-year Experimental Post-Doctoral Experimental Officer position is available, under the supervision of Cristian Bonato (with funding available for one further year). This position combines the roles of supporting multiple scientific projects by different academic users (11 groups have already expressed interest in the facility) and pursuing independent research. The facility comprises an NV centre (single-spin) quantum magnetometer (Attocube) in a dilution refrigerator with a superconducting vector magnet, including all required high-end electronics and microwave components for quantum sensing. The facility, unique in the UK and one of just few available worldwide, will operate down to mK temperatures, opening the way to unique studies of quantum-correlated electron systems.

 The Experimental Officer is expected to strongly contribute to research using this unique facility, both in terms of leading own projects and to liaise with external users to apply quantum magnetometry to different types of materials systems.  Examples of quantum materials and structures we are planning to investigate are: 2D moire heterostructures, unconventional superconductors, novel magnetic materials and heterostructures forming exotic spin textures, materials for spintronics, etc. The project is expected to lead to high-impact scientific publications and to technological developments related to complex quantum materials. The Experimental Officer is also expected to join the facility Management Board, to discuss the state/operation of the facility and prioritise access, and contribute to writing funding proposals to support the mission of the facility.

Please contact Cristian Bonato for more information as soon as possible.

(2) A 2-year Experimental Post-Doctoral Research Associate position is available, under the supervision of Brian Gerardot.
Significant goals include developing applications in quantum optics and quantum communication protocols using indistinguishable single photon sources at telecom wavelengths, investigating dephasing mechanisms and engineering extended coherence for spin-photon interfaces and generating entanglement between similar or disparate quantum systems.  The work will benefit from close interactions with Alessandro Fedrizzi’s quantum optics group ( and Erik Gauger’s quantum technology theory group (
Please contact Brian Gerardot for more information or apply here.

Additionally, we are always happy to support suitable candidates for fellowships: