Welcome to the Quantum Photonics Lab at Heriot-Watt University

Defining and controllably manipulating quantum states in a material presents both huge challenges and fantastic opportunities. We work at the interface of quantum optics, condensed-matter physics, and materials science to pursue this goal by creating novel quantum photonic devices. This enables the discovery of new science which is likely to be essential for future technologies. Read more.

Latest News

  • Congratulations, Artur! (18/01/2018) - After four years of hard work and a successful viva, Artur Branny is now a Doctor! Both Artur and the external examiner looked very satisfied with his performance, as shown below. Congratulations Artur, and good luck for your future career!
  • ERC Consolidator starting! (01/01/2018) - The ERC Consolidator grant "2DQP: Two-dimensional quantum photonics", awarded to Prof Gerardot, is starting today. The goal will be to engineer the ideal solid-state single quantum emitters of on-demand indistinguishable single photons, based on 2D materials. Congratulations Brian!