Atomic Architects

Atomic Architects

March 2019

Atomic Architects at the Scottish Parliament, celebrating the amazing EU funded projects that are part of Explorathon.

Our atomic architects team explain their EU funded research to Ben Macpherson, MSP and minster for Europe, Migration and International Development.

January 2019

Atomic Architects presenting their work at the launch of the Scottish Science Advisory Council’s new report, which details the global impact of Scottish research. 


Atomic Architects explaining all about building new materials with atomic layers.
photo credit @ashleycoombes



Scottish Science Landscape Report launch by Scottish Science Advisory Council (SSAC) at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh with Richard Lochhead MSP, Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science and Professor Sheila Rowan, Scottish Government's Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland.
photo credit @ashleycoombes

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2018

Atomic Architects.

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