We operate three separate labs dedicated to quantum optics and spintronics in solid-state materials. Each is stabilised in temperature and humidity and designed for experiments in low-light conditions.

You can visit our lab on this page. Please select “Physics, Photonics and Quantum sciences”.

The labs are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, meticulously selected for low-light experiments:

  • Four Attocube Attodry and one Montana cryostats. The Rolls-Royce of helium-free cryostats for confocal microscopy and solid-state physics, equipped with superconducting magnets and XYZ piezo motors and scanners to allow for all the freedom you need to explore your sample.
  • High grade tunable lasers. Pulsed and cw, covering a wavelength range between 400 and 1350 nm.
  • State-of-art detectors and spectrometers. We use liquid nitrogen cooled cameras and superconducting single photon detectors to make the most challenging experiments possible, from visible light to telecom wavelengths.
  • Radiofrequency equipment and high-speed electronics  to perform quantum gates on spins with high fidelity, integrating real-time feedback and machine-learning capabilities.
  • Optics and optomechanics are mostly custom-built from top grade components for our bespoke experiments.
  • And much more: time-tagging high speed electronics, ultra-high resolution wavemeters, Fabry-Perot interferometers, electro-optic modulators, lock-in amplifiers, pulse-pattern generators, etc.

We also have a newly refurbished clean-room which is fully equipped with modern nano-fabrication and characterization equipment. The EPSRC Two-Dimensional Photonics Fabrication facility is also located here. Please contact Prof. Gerardot for access to the facility (there is a generous pump-priming scheme!).

  • Scanning Electron Microscopes / Electron-beam lithography / Focused Ion Beam lithography;
  • Optical lithography facility including a Direct Laser Writer and Mask aligners;
  • Semi-automatic flip-chip bonder; Plasma etcher (ICP/RIE); Electron beam evaporator; Thermal evaporator;
  • Atomic Force Microscope; ZYGO interferometer, a Dektak profilometer, several optical micorsocpes;
  • A homemade setup for 2D materials fabrication (all-dry) in an inert environment and an imaging ellipsometer enabling characterization of 2D materials and thin films.