• Post-doc positions available! (11/02/2020)

    We have post-doc positions available, on themes of SiC quantum networking and spin-based quantum sensing enhanced by machine learning. Please contact Cristian ( if interested.

  • Welcome Back Dani! (11/02/2020)

    Daniel has joined us straight from finishing his PhD in the preparation and characterisation of optical and optoelectronic devices based in two-dimensional semiconductors at the University of Valencia.

    At Heriot-Watt Daniel will be further exploring the experimental process from the preparation and characterisation through to the application in a final device using these 2D materials.

    After spending a few months at Heriot-Watt in 2018 as a visiting scholar it’s great to see you back Dani!

  • Christmas time! (20/12/2019)

    After a productive year and a nice group Christmas dinner, it’s time for some holidays. A great 2020 to everybody!

  • Graduate School for Quantum Technologies. (20/12/2019)

    We are delighted to partner with Strathclyde and Glasgow Universities to form the International Graduate School for Quantum Technologies: PhD positions are available in our group now.

  • Welcome Swathi! (21/11/2019)

    Dr Swathi Hegde joined us today, to work on spins in diamond and SiC. Swathi was previously at TU Dortmund, where she has been working on quantum control with NV centres .

  • New cryostat installed! (06/11/2019)

    Our new Montana system got successfully installed today, adding to four cryostat already operating in the lab. Looking forward to start experiments on spins in silicon carbide!

  • New Post-Doc (30/10/2019)

    This week we have welcomed Shun Feng to the group, joining us from China. Shun will be focusing his research on the fabrication, characterization, and investigation of novel two-dimensional semiconductor devices for quantum photonic applications.

  • New PhD student! (23/10/2019)

    Muhammad Junaid Arshad has joined us from Lahore, Pakistan. He will be building an adaptive quantum magnetometer with spins in diamond. Welcome, Muhammad, and good luck!

  • New PhD student (15/10/2019)

    We have welcomed a new PhD students to our group! Max Kögl has joined us from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and aims to develop semiconductor devices for quantum networking – welcome to Heriot-Watt University!

  • Korean BBQ (23/09/2019)

    The QPL group and their families got together for a Korean BBQ. The food was delicious, compliments to the chef Hyeonjun!

  • Congratulations! (20/09/2019)

    Guillem has succesfully defended his thesis during his VIVA, and he may now call himself Dr Ballesteros-Garcia. Congratulations Guillem!

  • New Principal Investigator! (19/07/2019)

    Dr Margherita Mazzera, previously at ICFO in Barcelona, has recently joined us. Margherita will expand the group activity by setting up a new lab to develop new platforms for integrated quantum storage devices based on rare earth ion doped solids. PhD positions are available! For more information please contact Margherita Mazzera (

  • EPSRC Early-Career Fellowship on SiC quantum spintronics (06/03/2019)

    Cristian Bonato has been awarded a prestigious fellowship by EPSRC. The award, worth >£1M, will allow us to study spins in SiC, to demonstrate a quantum memory device for quantum networking. There are post-doc positions available on this topic: if interested, please get in touch!

  • We are recruiting! (28/11/2018)

    We are looking for two post-docs to join our group, one on SiC quantum spintronics, the other on quantum optics in 2D materials. Check our “Openings” for more info.

  • Royal Society workshop on SiC quantum spintronics (06/11/2018)

    We are just back from Chicheley Hall, where we have organized a workshop on SiC quantum spintronics, together with Sang-Yun Lee (KAUST, Korea) and Joerg Wrachtrup (Stuttgart). The event was a great opportunity to bring together quantum physicists with materials growers, device engineers and industry, to develop quantum technologies in this material.
    For more info:


  • Great Scottish Run (30/09/2018)

    Team members of the Quantum Photonics Lab went out to Glasgow to run the half marathon. Good job Raphael, Mauro, Brian, Artur and Cristian!

  • Explorathon Day at the Lyell Centre (29/09/2018)

    On 29th September, the QPL team took part in Explorathon 2018 with their ‘Atomic Architects’ exhibit at the Lyell Centre, Heriot Watt University. Visitors were able to peel off layers of atoms using sellotape before viewing their efforts under the microscope. They also saw Moiré fringes in action on our spinning model of two layers of atoms, which was especially appreciated by the younger visitors to the stand. Our younger visitors also loved seeing colourful thin-film interference effects in soap bubbles held up to a white light lamp. Thanks to all our volunteers for the day, everyone had a lot of fun!

  • Welcome to our three new PhD students who have joined our group! (10/09/2018)

    Micaela aims to develop scalable on-chip quantum photonics microsystems integrating a class of newly discovered 2D semiconductor materials (transition metal dichalcogenides) in state-of-the-art CMOS compatible nanophotonic circuits, Karen will be controlling spins in silicon carbide to study their potential application as a form of quantum information storage and Aidan will be investigating new structures for more efficient collection of light from 2D materials – welcome to Heriot-Watt everyone!

  • Congratulations Raphael! (07/09/2018)

    Congratulations to Raphaël Picard, who was awarded the 2nd year PhD research prize in IPaQS! Enjoy the prize!

  • Kaleidoscope Selection for Dale’s Image! (06/09/2018)

    Dale’s image from his paper on entangled cluster state generation was selected for the “Kaleidoscope” at Phys. Rev. A :  Well done Dale!