• New Post-Doc! (27/05/2024)

    Dr Johan joins us as a new post-doc who will be working on working on autonomous flake identification and equipment integration to assemble 2D heterostructures. Welcome to Scotland, Heriot-Watt and the QPL group Johan!!

  • QPL @ Edinburgh Half Marathon (26/05/2024)

    Under a heavy rain, our QPL team completed the Edinburgh Half Marathon! Some witnesses report Nick was also there, but was just too fast to be caught on camera in the photo below

  • New Post-doc! (14/05/2024)

    Dr Byeong Wood Cho joins us as our newest post-doc and will be working on moiré physics. Welcome to Heriot-Watt University and the QPL group Cho!

  • Welcome Federico and Borja! (14/05/2024)

    Federico Belliardo is joining us from the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Federico has developed model-aware reinforcement learning methods to optimise quantum sensors, and will be collaborating with experimentalists to implement them in the lab. Borja Varona Uriarte is a PhD student in Bilbao, working with Jorge Casanova: he is joining us for a couple of months to collaborate with us on machine learning algorithms for nanoscale magnetic resonance.

  • Atomic Architects – Falkirk Science Festival May 2024 (14/05/2024)

    Our Atomic Architects outreach exhibit was back on the road again, this time at the STEM @ the Helix event which was part of the Falkirk Science Festival. It was a fun filled 2 days for school pupils and families as well as all the volunteers from our group!!

  • “Distinguished Student” award! (15/03/2024)

    Muhammad was one of the awardees for the “Distinguished Student Program” at this year’s APS March Meeting in Minneapolis! Congratulations, wonderful news!

  • New Post-doc! (18/01/2024)

    Dr Zhe Li joins us as a new post-doc who will be working on optical nonlinear effects in moiré heterostructures. A huge, if somewhat chilly and frosty, welcome to Scotland, Heriot-Watt and the QPL group Zhe!!

  • Happy New Year from the QPL group! (04/01/2024)

    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024 – lang may yer lum reek!

  • New PhD Student! (04/01/2024)

    Stefan is joining us as a new PhD student who will be working on improving the sensitivity of spin-based quantum sensors by employing machine learning techniques to reduce computing time. Welcome to the QPL group Stefan!

  • QPL Xmas Lunch (12/12/2023)

    After initially booking this venue for December 2020, we finally got to enjoy a great Christmas lunch with very nearly the full QPL group!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

  • New Post-Doc! (07/11/2023)

    Dr George Kourmoulakis joins us as a new post-doc who will be working on pick-and-place assembly of single sheets of atoms into moiré materials with high levels of uniformity. A huge welcome to Heriot-Watt and the QPL group George!!

  • New PhD students! (07/11/2023)

    A huge welcome to our 2 new PhD students Sachin and Prokhor who join us to start working on spectroscopy and quantum optics of the collectively coupled indistinguishable quantum emitters and fabrication and optical spectroscopy of transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures respectively. Welcome to the group both!!

  • (15/09/2023)

    New PhD student!

    Welcome to our new PhD student Shivani who joins us to start working on spin-based quantum opto-electronic devices for quantum networking. Welcome to the QPL group Shivani!

  • (07/09/2023)

    Congratulations to 2 of our PhD students, Sheena and Finley!

    Big congratulations to both Sheena and Finley who have won 1st year Postgraduate Research Prizes from the school of Engineering and Physical Sciences for their research posters presented at the Poster Event showcasing their individual research work. Nicely done both!!

  • (07/09/2023)

    Congratulations Dr Kogl!!

    Huge congratulations to Max for successfully defending his viva and more importantly for using the Quaich correctly – well done Dr Max!

  • Dilution refrigerator installed! (21/08/2023)

    The first piece of equipment of our new Quantum Magnetometry facility has just been installed and successfully tested! A Bluefors dilution refrigerator will enable us to study complex materials and heterostructures and develop quantum technologies at milli-kelvin temperatures. Looking forward to learning some exciting new physics!

  • QPL Group Away Day 2023! (17/08/2023)

    Everyone had a blast at our recent QPL Group Away Day 2023 – from tubing down the River Tummel to whisky tasting at the Glenturret Distillery near Crieff and then onto dinner in Stirling, it was a great day out….and we even managed to avoid bus karaoke on the way back this time!!!

  • New PhD and Post-Doc positions available! (08/06/2023)

    We currently have one new PhD position and three new post-doc positions available:

    PhD position:

    1. Autonomous assembly of 2D moiré materials with quantum-level homogeneity

    Post-Doc positions:

    1. Bio-inspired pick-and-place assembly of single sheets of atoms into moiré materials
    2. Exploring collective light-matter interactions in the solid-state
    3. Strongly correlated states in designer two-dimensional moiré heterostructures

    Please contact Prof Brian Gerardot or Dr Mauro Brotons-Gisbert (for Post-Doc position 3) for more information.

  • Congratulations, Dr Arshad! (27/05/2023)

    Muhammad (Junaid) has successfully defended his viva, after discussing his work with the examiners, Tim Taminiau from QuTech (Delft) and Margherita Mazzera. After some well-deserved partying, and a research visit to Stuttgart, he’s going to lead work at our Quantum Magnetometry facility: stay tuned for more exciting results to come!

  • ERC Advanced! (04/04/2023)

    Brian has been awarded a prestigious ERC Advanced grant by the European Reseach Council to assemble complex materials single sheet of atoms by single sheet of atoms. This will open the possibility to design the behaviour of electrons very precisely, to create novel devices not otherwise possible. Looking forward to much exciting physics over the next 5 years, congratulations Brian!

    More information here: