• Dr Zak is Graduating! (21/06/2022)

    Huge congratulations on your graduation day Zak, from the whole QPL group – have a fantastic day!

  • Congratulations to our competition winners Max & Aidan!! (24/05/2022)

    Congrats to our PhD students Maximillian Kögl & Aidan Campbell, who have been crowned winners of the Innovation Challenge Competition at Heriot-Watt, securing a £5,000 prize to kick-start a spin-out company aiming to revolutionize van der Waals device fabrication!

  • New Post-Doc – Welcome Zeeshan! (31/03/2022)

    Dr Zeeshan will be joining us on 1st April 2022 as a research associate from the University of Edinburgh, UK and will be working on the autonomous solutions to assemble the two-dimensional materials with high level of precision, accuracy and speed. Welcome to the group Zeeshan!

  • Congratulations Daniel! (23/02/2022)

    Daniel White successfully defended his PhD today, with a thesis on “Novel Quantum Emitters for Integrated Quantum Photonics”. Congratulations Daniel, and all the best with your new career as a data scientist!

  • UK/France PhD opportunity. (25/01/2022)

    Want to study the exotic physics of correlated electrons in 2D materials with a quantum sensor? There’s a great PhD opportunity waiting for you, which includes a 9 month stay at Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. Please email Cristian asap for more info (UK nationals only)

  • New post-doc – Welcome Ben! (21/12/2021)

    Ben will be joining us in January 2022 as a post-doc, from Griffiths University (Queensland, Australia), and will be working on the optimisation of spin-based quantum sensors. Welcome to the QPL group Ben!

  • Dr Zak! (15/12/2021)

    Zak Koong successfully defended his PhD this morning, with a thesis on “Coherent Light-Matter Interaction in Semiconductor Quantum Dots”. Congratulations Zak, and all the best for the next steps in your career!
    Zak will be next taking up a post-doctoral position in Innsbruck, to work on trapped ions.

  • New PhD student – Welcome Sean! (02/11/2021)
    Sean has recently graduated from the MPhys Physics course at Heriot-Watt and has now begun working with Margherita on developing quantum memories in rare earth doped crystals. Welcome to the group Sean!
  • Congratulations Stewart! (26/10/2021)

    Stewart Wallace is one of the winners of the IPAQS Postgraduate Research Prize for 2021 for his poster on “Learning Quantum Systems from Experimental Data”. Congratulations Stewart, looking forward to see a couple of nice papers on this topic!

  • Looking for an Experimental Officer for a unique quantum sensing facility! (22/09/2021)

    We are looking for a post-doctoral researcher to act as Experimental Officer for a new unique facility that will implement NV-magnetometry down to mK temperatures, to study quantum materials. This position combines the roles of supporting multiple research projects by different academic users and pursuing own research. If interested, please contact Cristian ( as soon as possible!

  • We’re Hiring!! (21/09/2021)

    If you are interested in quantum information communication technologies using III-V quantum dots as solid-state spin-photon interfaces please get in touch with Brian ( asap!!

  • OECS Conference Young Researcher Award – Well Done Zak! (02/09/2021)

    Congratulations to one of our PhD students Zhe Xian Koong who has won a Young Researcher Award for his talk at the recent International Conference on Optics of Excitons in Confined Systems (OECS) – great work Zak, well done!

  • New PhD Student – Welcome Fred! (01/09/2021)

    Fred has just completed his Master of Physics at the University of Manchester and he’ll be investigating quantum key distribution using quantum dot single photon sources here at Heriot-Watt. Welcome to the group Fred!

  • New PhD Student – Welcome Charalampos! (31/08/2021)

    Charalampos is joining Heriot-Watt University after completing his Masters of Physics at the University of Strathclyde and during his PhD he’ll be investigating spin control in SiC quantum devices. Welcome to the QPL group Charalampos!

  • New Post-Doc – Welcome Yashar! (17/08/2021)

    Yashar Alizadeh is joining us after submitting his PhD thesis in the spectroscopy and crystal field analysis of rare-earth doped low-site symmetry crystals at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He’ll be working on developing quantum memory with crystals stoichiometric in rare-earth ions.

  • Royal Society University Research Fellowship 2021 Award – Congratulations Mauro! (10/08/2021)

    Huge congratulations to Mauro who has been awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and is due to take up his new post in October 2021 – ‘Semiconductors with a Twist: Engineering Programmable Quantum Materials’. Through this fellowship Mauro aims to engineer new quantum materials based on 2D semiconductor heterostructures. To address fundamental questions about how electrons interact with each other and their resulting phases, Mauro will pioneer a world-leading measurement platform which combines optical spectroscopy and quantum transport.

  • We are hiring! (01/07/2021)

    If you are interested in developing quantum repeaters in SiC, integrating spintronics, photonics and electronics on a single chip please get in touch with Cristian ( asap!

  • New PhD Student – Welcome Sheena! (22/06/2021)

    Sheena has joined Heriot-Watt University after completing her Masters in Physics from India. During her PhD she will be working on engineering scalable coherent coupling in quantum dots. Welcome to the QPL group Sheena!

  • Welcome Wei! (11/05/2021)

    Wei is joining us as a post-doc right after submitting his PhD thesis in Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers at the University of Manchester. He will be working on the development of a telecom quantum memory with rare earth doped crystals – welcome to the group Wei!

  • We’re on the Front Cover! (04/05/2021)

    One of our recent articles “A bright source of telecom single photons based on quantum frequency conversion,” has been featured on the cover of Applied Physics Letters!! We think being selected for the “cover” is a big deal so many congratulations to everyone who contributed – a sterling effort all round!